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Mestrino, Italy
42 y.o.
ashdod, Israel
35 y.o.
Münster, Germany
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Sofia, Bulgaria
37 y.o.
Goreville, United States
Chicago, United States
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San Antonio, United States
53 y.o.
Tucson, United States
L, Canada
Newhall, United States
27 y.o.
Jesenik, Czech Republic
36 y.o.
Blora, Indonesia
23 y.o.
mohammedia, Morocco
Oakland, United States
29 y.o.
bath, United Kingdom
Las Vegas, United States
43 y.o.
florida, United States
Ski, Norway
44 y.o.
sao paulo, Brazil
46 y.o.
zaeagoza, Spain
53 y.o.
Moncton NB, Canada
28 y.o.
Big dicks, United States
34 y.o.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
31 y.o.
Warsaw, Poland
29 y.o.
Grass Valley, United States
55 y.o.
45 y.o.
Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
30 y.o.
Logan Ohio, United States
Montr, Canada
Southampton, United Kingdom

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really cute. Love to me up with her

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2 weeks ago by lailatvx

A force de me (faire) goder ou de me (faire) fister, mon plaisir anal s'est intensifié à tel point que je parviens à éjaculer sans même toucher mon petit zizi, ni me masturber !
Je considère mon zizi comme un clitoris et mon anus comme un vagin!

4 weeks ago by marsdick

i need to suck a hot and horny cock of some naughty slutty gurly

6 months ago by Curiousbilly

I'd luv 2 be out somewhere, coffee shop, supermarket, library or just walkin down the street & meet a cute single woman. We make a date, enjoy each others company enough so that I end up at her place & of course once I know I am getting in her pants, I whisper in her ear "I am going to suck out every last drop of nectar from your sexy body baby" & she jus smiles the 3 times I whisper it, replying in return, "I'll remind you of that later". Once we get to her place, we chat a bit more & after some very suggestive & flirtatious conversation, she suggests I strip & get comfy while she changes into something more comfy. This woman steps out from the bathroom & instantly, I know I am in for some heavy play. She sits next to me on the bed & in the lamplight, I see some sweet gorgeous breasts & a smile that almost lights up the room. As my eyes travel all over her sexy body, I think to myself upon seeing a nice bulge, "this woman has a sweet hairy pussy, mmmmmmm". As we kiss, our hands roam all over & being a "I will save the best for last" type of guy, I use my hands to not only feel her body up, but slightly massaging her enough to make her moan softly. She turns away, pulls her panties off & rolls back over to me as I start in on her neck with my soft bites, kisses & using my hands to "massage" her. She puts her hands on my head, slowly but firmly pushing me down towards her nice stiff brown hard nipples. MMMMMMMM, I like the way she moves her sweet body as I softly bite each nipple, tongue every inch of her sexy plump breast & now a bit more firmly, she pushes me downward, towards that sweet wet pussy. Mmmmmmmm.

OMGF !!!!!!

WTF ?????

This sexy ass woman ... she has a dick !!!!! Bigger then mine even. Wayyyyyyyyy bigger !!!! Holy shit, I mean, WTF is this !!!!!

As my mind registers her huge fat cock ( I find out later it's only 9 3/4 inches ), her voice cuts thru the fog that my brain has entered & all I hear is; "remember what you said about sucking every last drop of nectar from my body baby ?" .....

And I don't know what to do, I mean, I'm not gay. I could never fuck or suck a guy & wouldn't think of fucking or getting sucked by one. Not my thing ......

But this sexy woman, how does she end up looking so much like a woman, yet has, I gotta admit it, a pretty sexy & quite big, cock ? The confusion is written all over my face & most definitely with my reaction being hesitant & fearful, my sexy lady makes her move.

Whispering in such a seXXXy voice; "Jus lick it once baby, please. If you don't like it, you can stop. I won't make you do anything your body doesn't want, ok baby"

What did I end up doing ?

10 months ago by CJtheCD4u

Hi Y'all ! Any gurls out there like me that are local and want to make a movie ? Contact me ! ;-)

1 year ago by outinsd

Are TS Tops really as rare and magical as Unicorns?

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